Every spring since 1970, the Udalls Cove Preservation Committee has sponsored a cleanup of the wetlands, woods and shoreline.

Sadly, our 2020 cleanup -- planned for May 2 -- was cancelled due to the global COVID-19 pandemic.  We expect to be back in the field in spring of 2021; watch this space for the date and time.


Should you choose to do your own "cleanup" during the pandemic, we thank you and urge you to be careful.  Thoughtless people have tossed out used face masks and gloves, as well as beverage and food containers.  If you're inclined to fill a bag with trash as you walk through the park or along the shoreline -- maintaining social distance, of course! -- please wear your own work gloves and mask; and we recommend you use one of those picker-upper devices or a handy stick when you collect any suspect items of litter.

During the first year’s cleanup, some seventeen car wrecks were hauled out, along with literally tons of other refuse.  Fortunately, those days are past.  In recent years the cleanup crews have been occupied primarily with collecting the large quantities of (mostly plastic) refuse that floats in on the tides.

On April 13, 2019 UCPC held its 50th annual cleanup.  Over 100 people participated, and we filled a 30-cubic yard dumpster.  We were honored that NYC Queens Borough Parks Commissioner Mike Dockett joined us -- in the group photo above he's standing in the front row, fourth from the left.  The photo was taken after the post-cleanup picnic luncheon at Douglaston's Memorial Field.

              A few of our intrepid volunteers with the fruits of their labor!                                     Some of our younger volunteers, ready to work.        

On this map, X marks the spot where we meet for the

annual cleanup.